The court cases continue in Syunik region

RIC NGO continues to go to the court hearings in the Syunik District Court of First Instance in the framework of “Free legal aid to conscripts” project.
Youth, trained during project ‘Free legal aid to conscripts project, continue to attend  court hearings in the Syunik District Court of First Instance.
One of the civil court cases that was heard is about the confiscation of money from the loan guarantor by the loan organization. It is remarkable that the loan guarantor insists that she did not sign and was not in the loan organization at the time of signing. She announced during the court session that she is going to sue the loan organization. This loan guarantor applied to RIG for consulting and got legal advice.

During the court hearing of criminal cases, there is difficulty in knowing the place of the court sessions. The monitoring groups have already participated in hearings of 94 conscripts court sessions but there was no information about these sessions on the  RA Judicial Department’ webpage (datalex.am). The  information is restricted on the Datalex webpage about of the appointed criminal court sessions(approximately 60 %) and this means that there is no information available on where and when  the court session will take place, which nature does the case have.


The visit of journalists

On 31th of May¸ 2017¸ journalists from mass media as aravot.am¸ armradio.am etc. and Epress NGO have visited to Rights Information NGO. There was an active discussion and the activity of the NGO, the implementing projects. The special attention was given to the ongoing project ‘Free legal aid to conscripts 2’ project, which is financed by ‘National Endowment For Democracy’ organization. Journalists have taken an interview from NGO president Marat Dadunts and recorded a video. During the interview M. Dadunts talked about the implemented activities during the project, the monitoring of the court sessions, about some cases when datalex.am informative webpage inserts incorrect dates and place of the court sessions, the tangible problems of public defending office and the visible changes that took place during the project implementation. Epress NGO , which was one of the guests, is also doing a project concerning to conscripts’ problems, which It was discussed about the possible partnership and mutual support. Both NGOs expressed eagerness to share information with each other and support


71% of the cases are about loans

Due to the Free legal aid monitoring project, RIC NGO is continuing doing monitoring in courts of Syunik region. From February-April 2017, 2265 civil court cases were assigned in the court of Syunik Region. 71% of the cases were about confiscation of money claimed by banks and loans organizations to citizens. Our research showed, that in civil cases both plaintiff and defendant weren’t usually present at the cases.


Youth final conference in Jermuk

From April 28- 30, 2017 Rights Information Center NGO hosted the closing conference of the “Youth awareness on electoral processes” project in the city of Jermuk. 30 active youth from Goris and Kapan participated in that discussion.
 On the first day, the groups of youth presented the outcomes of their trainings on the electoral processes which they organized at universities. The issues raised and people’s positive or negative reactions to the electoral processes were also discussed during the presentations.
At the start of the second day, famous journalist and social activist, Tatul Hakobyan participated as a speaker. He presented the need to compile authorities in the democratic way and the importance of fare elections. The youth asked interesting questions and presented their opinions to the speaker.


The statistics of the court cases in courts of Syunik region during the period of February-April 2017

Civil cases

During the period of February-April 2017¸ 2265 civil cases were assigned to the court of Syunik Region¸ of which 1609 were about banks and credit organizations loans against citizens.
We interviewed the judge of Goris court¸ Murad Hovakimyan¸ who told that the main reason for so many cases is the lending policies of banks and credit institutions and insolvency of the citizens.
For example in April 2017¸ 86 court cases were scheduled in Sisian¸ 152 in Goris¸ 216 in Kapan and 56 in Meghri.
In the framework of the RIC NGO’s Free legal aid monitoring project¸ a monitoring group was formed. The group studied 50 trials of which four were monitored related to insolvent citizens who are entitled to free legal assistance.