Debates held in Goris and Kapan¸Syunik Region¸ Armenia

Rights Information Center NGO's ‘Youth Awareness on the electoral processes’ program organized debates and discussions between the parties, candidates, and representatives nominated by unions for the April 2nd election to the National Assembly. The debates were organized in Goris (March 17) and Kapan (March 21). Discussions provided a dialogue between the public and the political parties and alliances.



On March 17th, ‘Rights Information Center’ NGO organized a debate between deputy candidates of coalitions, parties and their representatives of Syunik and Vayots Dzor regions who are participating in the National Assembly elections in the conference hall of ‘Mirhav’ hotel in Goris. All deputy candidates from 5 parties and 4 coalitions have been invited.
During the debate the president of the NGO came with an entrance speech. Then the candidates represented themselves and their projects. The audience of the event and citizens via Internet gave their questions and the candidates answered. 
This was an excellent opportunity for candidates to have an ideological debate and to communicate with the electorate.
The debated was broadcast online.  

The “Rights Information Center” NGO launched the project “Youth awareness raising about the electoral processes” since December 1, 2016 with the assistance of the “European Endowment for Democracy” organization.


Distributing awareness raising flyers encouraging to not sell the electoral votes

Young people from Goris and Kapan are distributing flyers published in the frames of  “Youth awareness raising about the electoral processes” project. 


The 2 days training in the frames of "Youth awareness on the electoral processes''

The two days training on informing youth about the electoral processes have took place from 4th to 5th of March 2017 in te cnference hal of "Goris" hotel. 30 young people from Kapan and Goris have been trained on topics about the political system and electoral rights. The topics of the first day of the training was ''Who is who in the politics'' which have been conducted by the trainer Arthur Grigoryan. ''The Rights Information Center'' NGO president Mr Marat Dadunts have had an entrance speech. During the training the youth have obtained deep knowledge about the electoral processes¸ the rights of voters and the role of people in the politics. There were active discussions and the young people gave questions and got answers to their questions.


30 young people have been trained on topics about political system and about electoral right.

On the 5th of March, 2017 the second training during the “Youth awareness about electoral processes” has taken place in the conference hall of “Goris” hotel.. Participants were introduced to the new electoral procedures and voter rights and process as well as the structure of the system, political party missions and alliances. There were short video presentations, active discussions, questions and answers. The trainer was Daniel Ionnisyan.
At the end of each session, Kapan and Goris were divided into 5 groups to begin organizing similar training for their peers and students.
The goal is to make the information available for at least 2,500 citizens and have more informed citizens about their rights and the electoral procedure.