The citizens need legal assistance

The Rights Information Center NGO( RIC NGO) continues to implement the monitoring of the court sessions. Numerous citizens are involved in the court cases related to the credit organizations. Our analyzes show that because of the citizen’s unawareness, they appear on the risk to lose their property. Some loan contracts imposed by the credit organization contain problematic, legally suspicious deals. The NGO continues to do the monitoring of the problems of the providing free legal assistance in Syunik region. The project is implemented with the support of National Endowment for Democracy (NED) project.


The youth of Tegh and the freedom of speech

On 15th of August, 2017 a regular training was organized this time in Tegh community  in the framework of “Freedom of expression using new technologies” project  supported by the Czech Embassy in Armenia. The trainers  were Marat Dadunts and Astghik Isakhanyan who are  specialist in the field. 
The goal of the training was to deliver knowledge about the importance of the freedom of speech, strengthen them with skills to use the social media for the improvement of the freedom of speech.
The youth were active on sharing their opinions during the training so an excellent discussion was ensured. At the end, the youth  did “ The problem of my community” group work  during which they presented the main problem that concerns them in their community and told which social media platform will be used to publish the article about the problem and have more audience.


Monitoring visit by the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Armenia

On August 10,2017, the Deputy Head of Mission, First Secretary  of the Embassy of the  Czech Republic in Armenia , Ani Saginjanova  has made a monitoring visit to the “Rights Information Center” NGO office in the framework of “Freedom ofexpression using new technologies” project financed by the Czech Embassy in Armenia. During the meeting the Deputy Head of Mission of Czech Republic asked questions to the NGO staff about the proceeding of the project and the expected positive impact of the project in Syunik region. The president of the NGO Marat Dadunts spoke about the activity plan of the project and the problems of the freedom of speech in Syunik region.

Training in Goris

We are continuing organization of trainings in Goris communities and surrounding residences due to the <<Freedom of expressionusing new technologies>> project. In August 10,  2017 the training was organized for the students of Goris N4 high school.
The project, that is financed by Czech Embassy in Armenia, has caused great interest among young people.


The problems raised during the monitoring

 "Free Legal Assistance Monitoring - 2" project is implemented in Syunik region by Rights Information Center NGO since February,2016.  The monitoring group has received information on court sessions from the www.datalex.am official webpage of the judicial department.
 According to 2017 datalex webpage, the information about around 60-70% of court sessions was restricted.
Rights Information Center NGO has wrote an official letter (26.06.2017 N 05-17)  about this problem to the head of the Judicial Department of the Republic of Armenia Mr. Karen Poladyan.
In response to the official letter of the Rights Information Center ,it was informed from the Judicial Department of the RA that the Judicial Department has started to develop new technological solutions and the informational restriction about some court cases in the datalex is linked to this circumstance.